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To all Members of The HF Radio Club Inc.

​I present the text from my report to the AGM / GM held at Warialda NSW on April 22nd 2017.

Hard copies will be sent to all members without email/website access as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Barry Smith
HF Radio Club Inc.

Good morning and Good afternoon to you all.
I thank all of you who have travelled to Warialda for their attendance and wish to thank all members of our Committees for their dedication, input and support of our Club, each other and myself through a very busy year since May 2016.
It is with pleasure that I present to you my April 2017 AGM and GM President’s report.
Our Club has had a difficult year as has been detailed in the updates sent to every member. The events of November 2016 which left us with no operational bases, no mantle of safety, the lack of any paper-trail relating to committee minutes, with one exception, for the second half of 2015 up until May 2016, and the total lack of an approved expenditure trail going back years have been a huge task to overcome. We did retrieve the bank statements but have nothing to match them with.
On top of the lack of bases we were faced with the task of recovering all equipment from Wiluna, Alice Springs and Sapphire. When all gear was recovered we then had the challenge of no spreadsheet or other documents to show exactly what equipment your Club owned, also the serial numbers of the major equipment. Little by little we have pieced together a comprehensive plant and equipment list and its value.
Building a new Base near Townsville has given us incredible coverage up north and into the NT. Our thanks to Larry Beasley for his assistance and use of part of his and his family’s commercial property to house our new Base.
We are fortunate also to be able to bring Allen Lawrence back into your Club. Allen built Wiluna, was tasked to retrieve it and has since constructed our interim WA Base at his premises just north of Perth. ACMA rules limit us to our four core frequencies at this Base. The permanent WA Base site will be announced as soon as it is in action.
Our Base at Cobar has been refurbished and is now available across SE Australia. We are using it for a few more than its original purpose thanks to the ingenuity of your Vice President Jacqui Deering and members of our own TSG – Technical Support Group.
A new Base for Central Australia has equipment ready and waiting to be installed as soon as a contract is signed regarding its location and installation.
Your Club now has fully operational Bases at Cobar, Perth and Townsville. The Base Telephone Interconnect System is working better than it has for years. The emergency call system to the RFDS is fully operational.
Some time ago I reported that three of our Codan 3033 Base Interconnect units were inoperative. This is still the case and we were forced to acquire two updated new units. Your Club has a new member who works for Codan and who has offered to work on the “dead” units to see what can be salvaged.
Some may remember questions some years ago about your Club’s insurance, especially that relating to Gatherings such as these. We are fortunate that Committee Member Ian Sutton has a better that average knowledge and understanding of these matters and how to get them fixed. You are all now, until the age of 80 years, covered at all our events. Going beyond that age has not yet been possible to organise.
Your Committee of Management were alarmed to discover that insurance of the Club’s base equipment bore no relation to its true value. With Ian’s assistance all of our base equipment is now properly comprehensively insured for its real value.
Many members and the Committee are perturbed and annoyed by person or persons unknown recently sending a text message regarding another Club. There is little that we can do – but anyone receiving such SPAM can report it to the ACMA SPAM Reporting service, as you can with SPAM emails.
I turn now to your committee who with the exception of Ian Sutton are all present this weekend. Ian is enjoying the beauty of Scandanavia. Who would ever have thought that the HF Radio Club could have a committee with a majority of such capable women?  The committee are a terrific selfless team to work with and totally dedicated. We all have our roles, meet monthly, all meetings are fully minuted and their minutes appear on the Club Website as soon as they are ratified at the next meeting.
I must especially thank our Website designer and manager Kate Clarke for the work she has done creating a website others are very envious of. Thank you Kate.
Likewise I thank Ian Parkin for his great work on our Newsletters and Calendar. We must especially thank Ian for his tireless work as Sked Co-ordinator – a role I am pleased to announce today that has been handed over to Grant Jones 1041. I wish Grant every success in his new role.
There are so many people that have roles to keep your Club where it is today. Then there are those who help as they have this weekend.
So then -
Following the events on November and December 2016, and through the end of the HFRC financial year followed by our membership Renewal process, out Club’s membership numbers are finally available.
As of April 21st 2017, we have had 58 memberships cancelled. We had 106 former memberships who did not respond to the invitation to renew their membership. As the result of a Committee of Management decision to safeguard the interests of your Club, six memberships were not invited to renew their membership.  We have had 25 new memberships added to our numbers. We now have four Corporate memberships.
Your Club’s Membership now stands proud at 385 Memberships.
You have been promised a replacement GPS system. On behalf of our Technical Support Group I am pleased to announce that GPS logging for HF Radio Club members has been under trial by the Techos with absolute success for some weeks. Likewise the trial of SMS message sending. This facility will be rolled out to all members as soon as it can be.
It took more than eight years for the HF Radio Club to grow from one NSW Base to four across Australia with the addition of GPS and SMS messaging and RFDS call capability.
Since the events of November 2016, it has taken less than four months to establish three bases with phone and RFDS capability.
I predict that within two months (barring any disaster) your Club will have, as a stand-alone operation, full coverage across the Australian mainland AND Tasmania, with all the bells and whistles you should rightly expect for the membership fees you pay.
May I wish everyone Happy and Safe Travel.
Barry Smith
President HF Radio Club Inc.
April 22nd 2017.